Gender Issues

My gender issues have been on my mind for the passed few days. I met a friend on the internet due to a twitter discussion. He is a Christian, older than I am and is SSA. He doesn’t refer to himself as gay. He is also married to a female and has children. We also… Read More Gender Issues

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My Grace is Suff…ering

Previous Part: It Happened at Night I don’t usually attend Wednesday night services at church. Usually, it is a commentary of what was heard on Limbaugh or Hannity. I don’t follow politics anymore. To be honest, I realized it was part of my insanity. I don’t discuss them, listen to them or read about them;… Read More My Grace is Suff…ering

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It happened at night.

Previous Part: Scenes of Abuse I don’t think I experienced uncovered memories. I definitely have lost memories; clearly things that my aunt confirmed happened that I don’t remember. For me it’s like a trigger and I’m reminded of something that I haven’t really forgotten. Like a certain apple smell will remind me of the cupboard… Read More It happened at night.

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Scenes of Abuse

Previous: Stranger Things… I remember the taste of feces in my mouth when my stepfather smeared my soiled underwear in my face when I was four. I remember being dressed in diapers, teased for being a baby and being photographed like this. I remember finding the photographs at twelve years old. I remember showing them to… Read More Scenes of Abuse

My Story

Stranger Things…

Previous Part: Remember When… The strange thing is, I have more anger towards my mother and God than I do my perp stepfather/adopted father. My perp stepbrother, I hated when I was young. I didn’t start dealing with the abuse until after they died. They all passed away within a year. My perp stepfather got… Read More Stranger Things…

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Remember When…

Previous Part: American Pie – The Saga Begins Talking today… “I remember when… I was about five years old, the summer before I started school. I inadvertently put my shoes in the window sill. The curtains hid them from view. The next day my cousins and I (with parents) were going to the park. We… Read More Remember When…


Being Alone

Last night I sent out an email to a client, asking a question. This morning a return message came in. Instead of answering the question, the client has a snarky comment about an error in the subject. “I don’t know what you are talking about. In the future, don’t contact me about this…” He is… Read More Being Alone