Mom, That Wasn’t Love…

Did you think I wouldn’t figure it out?
In a web of lies you kept me in doubt.
Oh, you manipulated me so well.
Turned what you thought was love to hell.
You have everyone fooled.
If I told the truth, it would seem cruel.
But you denied me justice to get your way.
That’s all that mattered at the end of the day.
Did you stop to think what was best for me?
No, it wasn’t love, I was your property.
Lies, cover up and a little leverage,
To get what you wanted was the adage.
You shamed me for your sins.
My childish deeds you used to spin.
Yet, I’m left to bear the shame.
Do all the work for my life to reclaim.
To love you was all I ever wanted,
it wasn’t love that you flaunted.
I struggle daily to forgive,
That is something that remains illusive.

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