A Simpler Time

How far back can you remember? Can you remember a time of innocence? A time of childhood before your childhood came to an end? Maybe you didn’t have a time in your life like that; perhaps you were abused before your childhood started. Sometimes, I try to remember those times. When life was free of… Read More A Simpler Time


Meager Existence, Meager Life.

Meager existence, meager life. Brief life, brief time. What was before us? What is left after? The world remains the same. No one will take note of our lives. What would that profit us if they did? No good can be done for us after we’re gone.

Grief, Prayers

Living Ghosts

The moment he realized that there is something about his personality that keeps him isolated. Noting that this is most likely a flaw that is result of child sexual abuse. He wonders, “how deep do these roots go?” The ‘friends’ that he has, do not want to get beyond the superficial. Sometimes they run if… Read More Living Ghosts


Dreams From Heaven

Life ebbs from the body, Releasing the spirit into light. Waking from a distant slumber, Into a foreign land of light. If life was a dream from heaven, We must share a collective dream. When you tire there and slumber, Do you dream another dream? Heartache on earth from the living, When I slumber here,… Read More Dreams From Heaven